Who's the Fox?

My name is Simon Fox, and I am a fashion and lifestyle film photographer hailing from Belgium and currently living in Bondi, Australia. Photography has always been my passion, expressing my ideas through artful visuals. By putting together narratives with an eye for composition and texture, photographs come together to create something unique and memorable. My work has a vintage style flair to it, drawing on the culture of the 1990s for inspiration. 


From fashion editorials to documentary-style point-of-view pieces, I strive to create content that stands out from the conventional standard. Working with clients is a collaborative process—my goal is to provide imagery that merges the client’s vision with my own special interpretation. Seeing each project through until it reaches its fullest potential is what makes being behind the camera such a fulfilling journey. Photography allows me to tell stories and capture emotion in ways that words alone can’t describe—it’s an amazing feeling bringing dreams into focus!